Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuna and Shrimp Dip

I learned this recipe from a Portuguese friend, and we were shocked how good it was! Then we tried it at home and we love it!


500gr boiled shrimps

1 can of tuna in water - if you want to use in oil you have to drain it very well

1 boiled egg

Pickles - as much as you desire and of any kind, it doesn't matter


3tbsp Mayonnaise


Using a food processor, mix all ingredients except salt and mayo. Then put the outcome in a bowl and add the salt and mayo, and mix gently with a spoon. If you want to add more mayo you are free to do so but keep in mind that the dip will be very liquid in texture.

Serve with baguette bread slices, crackers, toasts, etc.


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