Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wilton Cake Decoration Course 1

My mother and I were taking course number 1 of Wilton Cake decoration. I must say that we did really enjoy it though it was so hard since I had to go after work directly and the course would take 3 hours, twice a week, for 2 weeks. I would be at home around 8:30pm! Anyway, the course is done! and we did learn so many things!!

We learned how to do icing, and their consistencies, and where to use each. We did stick to only 1 recipe for butter cream, which is the one in the book they gave us, but I will be trying later other recipes that I have seen around.

Below pictures are the final projects my mom and I did! And I must say they turned out so beautiful! :)

This was the cake I made! I had to do the flowers a day before and leave them to dry out. It turned out beautiful!

This is the gorgeous cake my mom made! The flowers are so beautiful!

And these are all the cakes of the class! We did enjoy it and I am taking into consideration taking the other courses 2 and 3 later on! If you have Wilton classes available where you live, you should go ahead and take them, you will learn a lot!


Joanna said...

Your cakes are so pretty! I think I'm going to try to take Wilton classes this summer.

Torviewtoronto said...

beautiful cake lots of hardwork

Ellie said...

Suzy, Your cakes look beautiful!! Love your niece's party treats as well...small bites look so cute on a table:)

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