Monday, June 29, 2015

Halawet el Jeben (Sweet Cheese Rolls)

Halawet el Jeben is an old traditional Lebanese dessert. It is made out of cheese, semolina, filled with a cheese custard mix, and topped with sugar and rose blossom water served under the shape of sweet soft strips. The city of Tripoli, the northern capital of Lebanon, is considered as the best manufacturer of this kind of desserts.

It is so luscious you’ll get addicted!


Roll dough

400g mozzarella block
3/4 cup semolina (~ 150g)
3/4 cup water + orange flower water (50/50) (~ 200 mL)


250 g ricotta
250g mascarpone

To serve

sugar syrup with orange flower water: a cup of sugar + cup + 2 water flower water orange cs + qq drops of lemon juice
unsalted pistachios ground


Prepare the syrup: In a saucepan heat the sugar, water and orange flower water. Bring to a boil and boil for several minutes until the syrup thickens (it is important not it colors). Add lemon.

Prepare 2 rectangular trays (about 25 * 35 cm), or better a marble slab and pour the cold syrup, spread it on the surface.

The filling: whisk the ricotta and mascarpone to soften. Book aside.

Chop the mozzarella in food processor or you can just shred it.

In a frying pan / skillet (nonstick is important!), Cook semolina few minutes, until the smell feels (do not wait until it changes color), then add the cheese. Mix and add on liquid (water and orange blossom water).

Mix thoroughly until a dough block. Remove from heat.

Place half of the dough on the first tray, dip your hands in the cold syrup and spread over the entire surface. Repeat on the second.

Add the stuffing on one side across the width (the dough will already have had time to cool but wait a bit). Roll (2 revolutions), cut the first roll obtained. Repeat. 4 rolls per tray is obtained (you can pre-cut 4 rectangles and then train your putting).


Refrigerate out some time before serving (to avoid stuffing from melting).

Cut (about the size of a mouthful), sprinkle with pistachios and sprinkle sugar syrup (ater) at the last moment.


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Ameni MESSOUSSI said...

I love what you are doing, we can feel the touch of love :)
Please if you can add pictures during the preparation that would be great!

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