Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Potato Fritters

Potato Fritters


5 Potatoes
1 palm of chopped fresh mint
1 palm of chopped fresh parsley
around 2tbsp of dry mint
6 eggs
Salt and pepper


- Peel and shred potatoes. Soak them in water with salt. Let them sit for 12 minutes.
- Add in a bowl, place the chopped mint, parsley, and dry mint.
- Whisk in a small plate the eggs, set them aside.
- Now you will feel that the shredded potatoes are softer, from the salt, so remove water from them and wash them a couple of times again. Once they are washed, press on them with your hand doing batches until all water you can remove from them are gone. Place each batch on the green mix.
- Heat oil for deep frying.
- Once all shredded potatoes are in the bowl, drop the eggs on them, and put salt and pepper. Add flour as much as you need until the consistency if good to make fritters from it. I usually add for this recipe around 5 heaping tbsp. Mix them with your hands and if you need more flour, drop in few.
- With the help of 2 tbsp, take a small portion and start giving it shape with the spoons, making it look a small ball. Drop it in the oil and fry in each side. Allow it to brown a little from each side.

Its delicious as a side dish and even delicious with lentil soup. Yum

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I Dream While I'm Awake said...

Tried it! It's very YUM YUM
Grandma cooks it, and I do recommend it.

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