Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chocolate cake by just using a blender!

Super easy!


- 3 eggs
- 2 cups of sugar
- 1 cup of cocoa powder
- 1 cup of oil
- 1 cup of milk
- 2 cups of all purpose flour
- 1 tbsp of baking powder


Heat oven at 170C

Sift the dry ingredients and set aside.

Put in the blender the eggs and the oil and the milk and start mixing. Place the mixture in a bowl and mix in the dry ingredients with a wooden spoon.

Butter 2 loaf pans and divide the mixture between them.

Bake until toothpick comes out clean.


1 comment:

Torviewtoronto said...

yummy looking cake
for the tiramisu it is 1 cup mascarpone cheese it is simple and delicious do give it a try
i made mascarpone at home it is easy check it out if you like

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