Monday, October 3, 2011

Gelatin Mosaic


4 packets of Jello of different colors

1 can of condensed milk

0.5 L of milk or you can use 0.2L of coconut milk and 0.3L of milk

10 unflavored gelatin leaves


Prepare the 4 packets of Jello as per their instruction and pour each one alone in a squared recipient and send it to the fridge to harden.

In cold water, soak the leaves.

Cut the 4 jello you prepared previously in square around 1.5-2cm.

Not after you have cut them, place mixed colors in a sprayed cake pan, or any other form you want to.

In a bowl, mix the condensed milk with the milk, and the dissolved unflavored gelatin a little of hot water.

Pour the condensed milk mix on the colored gelatin slowly. With a wooden spoon, move around slowly the cubes so that they are all under the condensed milk mixture.

Place in the fridge for few hours.

Once you want to serve, soak a little the bottom of the form in hot water for 10 seconds then turn on a serving plate.



FUFI said...

This looks like a piece of art! I finally made an account-Faten

Susy said...

hahahaahhaha FUFIIIIIIIII

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